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Warrior llama chases coyotes off
Llamas: Brave Protectors

Brutus trapped in his own neighborhood. His story

McGee recovering after being trapped in his home neighborhood.

McGee was trapped near home. His Story
Gary Park and Nani Kula. Nani died in a Conibear-type trap set near Northern Nevada's Walker River. See their story

Luna was trapped in  Southern Nevada. Her story

Carol and Duke. Duke got trapped which started TrailSafe.

Beowulf Trapped on his own Private Property His Story

Gretchen and Gauge
Gretchen and Gauge. Gretchen was snared and almost died in a South Reno park. Their story

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Review - Saturday, April 5, 2014 @ 12:00 p.m. Las Vegas Trapping Regulation Committee Meeting

An impressive number of both new and familiar activists attended and gave eloquent testimony against animal suffering. Gratitude to everyone showing up and enduring a long, contentious meeting. Your presence made an impression; please keep coming back!

We thought this year's round of Trapping Regulation Committee (TRC) meetings was to consider areas for shorter trap visitation, as called for in SB213. However, the discussion roamed far afield of that topic.

Unless the TRC throws us a complete surprise, matters discussed April 5  will be considered and voted on by the entire Wildlife Commission. We are told that will be the June 20, 21 Tonopah meeting. We await official confirmation until we post the details.

Quick Review - April 5 TRC Meeting:

Review of Non-Target Data Associated with Trapping – For Possible Action - the TRC used this opportunity in an effort to discredit conclusions Dr. Molde drew from the Non-Target Trapping data . They concluded further study of the data is required.

Education Associated with Trapping Activities- The TRC, with trapper agreement, suggests a deal: that we trade shorter visitation time for whatever "trapper education" would be. This has nothing to do with SB213 and TrailSafe rejects any such trade-off. Commissioner Robb is now suggesting two calendar days instead of one, in a change from his previous position a few weeks ago.

Possible Recommendation to Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners Regarding Demerit Points Assessed for a Conviction(s) of Trapping on Private Property Without Permission - Avid trappers filibuster to prevent even the slightest tightening of existing regulations and demerits. Again, this measure is not a part of SB213.

Possible Recommendation to Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners Regarding Demerit Points Assessed for a Conviction(s) of Failure to Visit a Trap(s) Within Required Timeframes- Avid trappers, including some high-profile trappers with pending court cases against them, filibuster dramatically against the slightest effort to further regulate their activities. Again, this measure is not a part of SB213.

Finally, after eight hours spent discussing the items above,  discussion was supposed to be about a map of Clark County areas to be earmarked for shorter visitation. TRC trapper representative, John Sullivan, argued every aspect of the map presented by Commissioner Layne. She reminded him the intent is shorter visitation, not a trapping ban. Nevertheless, everyone had to leave at 9:00 PM and no conclusion was reached.


Trapping Regulation Committee
Recent Meeting Results

All the meetings including Elko, March 7, 2014 and Reno, March 8, 2014 came to the same thing. The map produced by Commissioner Jack Robb is the only map that prevailed, or even got any consideration. The Committee voted to recommend some small areas around Reno/Sparks for one-calendar day visitation. The vast remainder of the state remains at 96-hour trap visitation.

This is tokenism - "window-dressing" - and will not relieve the outrageous animal suffering statewide. There will be another Las Vegas meeting April 5, then the Committee will make recommendations to the Wildlife Commission and probably the final vote will be in June.

A Big Thank You

Despite the disappointing results of the meeting, our deep gratitude to the amazing folks who came to the Reno meeting and testified for our cause. The testimony was well-spoken, well-informed, full of personal experiences, and fearless! We had at least 25 supporters which was outstanding. Many will go on to be activists in their communities. The participation of these people gives me ultimate hope for a more humane future for wildlife.



TrailSafe on Radio Program

Dr. Don Molde and I were guests on the Chip Evans show Monday Jan. 20 from noon - 12:30 talking about TrailSafe Nevada and trapping in Nevada.
We will be on the show again discussing recent Trapping Regulation Committee meeting. Watch this space for date and time.

The show broadcasts live on KRNG 101.3FM from the America Matters Studio at the Reno Town Mall. The program is also heard online nationwide (go to www.americamatters.us and hit the Listen Live button) and on smartphones using the TuneIn Radio app. During the show, there will be postings to the America Matters and Nevada Matters Facebook pages and to our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts about our discussion. Come to the Reno Town Mall or call in with your questions or comments to 775.827.8900 or 855.790.8255.

Correcting misinformation

There is so much confusion about our law SB 213 these days. It's like rolling a boulder uphill all day long to sort it out. Incorrect information, unfortunately, finds its way into the media. A few facts for the record:

It was not the intent of SB213 to exempt private property owners from registering their traps. It was considered, but never written into the law. There are arguments on both sides, but the arguments against this exemption held the day.

The requirement to register traps has nothing to do with household mousetraps. LCB confirms that vermin are covered in other sections of the law and are NOT included in wildlife law.

The Legislative Commission delayed further consideration of the Regulation R-017-13 until 2015. Regulation 017-13 was written by Nevada Dept. of Wildlife with amendments by the Wildlife Commission. It was not written by TrailSafe.SB 213 is not a regulation. It is law. It remains.

Observation: Private property owners testify time and time again how plagued they are by rodents -"gophers" - a catchall term. They set dozens of mousetraps. Now they're afraid game wardens will raid their homes and nail them for unregistered mousetraps. Hint: coyotes will catch as many or more rodents.The property owners might consider co-existing with Nature's mousetrappers. Or. . .if the private property owner has exterminated all the local coyotes, why can't he/she adopt barn cats from Nevada Humane Society? Then they wouldn't need dozens of traps on their land. They would have rodent control beyond their wildest dreams.


New Video!! How to Open a Conibear(tm)-type trap!



bobcat in trap

New Incident Reports told to TrailSafe in person. Including a local hiker caught by his own leg in a snare trap in March in Griffith Canyon, a popular local hiking trail. So the claim humans don't get trapped is inaccurate no matter how trappers try to minimize. How many people trapped and injured are too many?

Judy Sturgis went to emergency room with hand injuries from trying to free her dog, Beowulf. The story:

Gary Park also had a trip to the ER and stiches. He still has numbness in his hand. The story:





Click here for May 2, 2011 audio interview with Brian Bahouth. "Audio: Trapping Lobby Flexes Muscle – the Denuding of SB 226"

Click here for June 9, 2011 audio interview with Brian Bahouth. "Audio: An Interview with Executive Director of TrailSafe Nevada Trish Swain" - discussing current status of our action.

Skunk suffering at Cottonwood Park March 2010
Gone but never forgotten, Li'l Stinker
suffering for hours on end until he was shot in the head.
He was
shot because skunks are "unprotected" by law. A cat trapped at the same time got medical care and eventual adoption. Orwell put it best: "Some animals are more equal than other animals."

This sad scene was in a city public park! In the river shallows designated for family recreation!

Another beaver rescue.Wildlife Emergency Services, San Jose Park Rangers, Happy Hollow Park & Zoo staff, and Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley worked together.


Opening a steel jaw leghold trap Conibear Traps Snare Traps
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Trap Incidents -- Stories from people throughout Nevada - Pets and Unintended Wildlife getting Trapped

Link to painful pictures. Beware! | Link to agonizing Born Free USA video |

Born Free video portrays trappers clubbing trapped animals. We understand it is a frequent method of killing their victims so as not to damage the pelt.

At last a happy video. Not too many of those where trapping is concerned. Watch Freedom, the bobcat, be liberated by Predator Defense in Oregon. Click here.

Below is well-produced video from HSUS, featured on YouTube. Woody Harrelson narrates. Awful things are portrayed, but no actual gore. Awful things happen to a toy fox which fully make the case for all of us who have a problem with trapping. Even though there's no real blood, I couldn't watch parts of it! The information is delivered so concisely, but here is all you need for Trapping 101 and what's wrong with trapping and the fur trade.

DO NOT MISS Tom Knudson's series in the Sacramento Bee. World-class, ground-breaking reporting on traps, coyotes, Wildlife Services and all related matters. Knudson makes the case against trapping and against Wildlife Services with a mass of evidence and solid reporting. This link is to: The Killing Agency: Wildlife Services' Brutal Methods Leave a Trail of Animal Death By linking to one article, you will find the others.


• More than 50,000 non-target animals have been killed since 2000 with indiscriminate tools such as traps, snares and poison.

• Killing of predators may be altering ecosystems, diminishing biodiversity.

• Rare and protected species have been killed, including golden and bald eagles.

• Family pets are among the accidental victims.

• Target and non-target animals often suffer.

• Wildlife is killed with no public notice, on public and private land.

See Interactive Graphics from Sac. Bee. Immense numbers of animals of almost every species killed indiscriminately for years on end by Wildlife Services. A lawsuit is pending against Wildlife Services in Nevada. For years this secretive agency has flown under the radar, killing massive numbers of animals with taxpayer money. See Details of the Lawsuit.


Coyotes killed by Wildlife Services in Nevada:

January - April, 2012: 2,118

Total 2011: 5,176

Read Wildlife Services Newsletter The Trapline for monthly reports of animals slain. Methods include shooting from aircraft, trapping, snaring, shooting, poisoning.

Here is Part 1 of Predator Defense's epic video: Liberating Freedom,
the bobcat, from a cruel snare trap.
A Must-See!!!!
For once, the animal gets a break.It's rare that an animal can be spared.

Predator Defense says"Ban Trapping".. Hundreds of TrailSafe supporters want an outright ban. But is Nevada ready? We can still lobby for --at least -- regulation and spare some suffering that way.

And here's Part 2. Brooks Fahy makes the point: This is nothing but "wanton destruction of wildlife" Animals suffer terribly and "It serves no purpose" (except enriching those who sell pelts).


Click here for delightful video: Oregon City police escort a lost beaver back to his pond. These folks have beavers in the right perspective. Affection, safety, respect. Why can't it be like that everyplace?
Click on photo to see video.

Trapper Jane recovering at Nevada Humane Society

Trapper Jane trapped in a residential area Aug. 22, 2010. She was treated at Nevada Humane Society where two toes on her left paw were amputated. She recovered well; today has full agility and lives in bliss with TrailSafe Co-Ordinator Trish.
Full story

501.100  Legislative declaration

Nevada Wildlife Law (emphasis mine)
"1. Wildlife in this State not domesticated and in its natural habitat is part of the natural resources
belonging to the people  of the State of Nevada."

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-Ella Wheeler Wilcox