Woodrow was trapped on a hike. His Story
Rocky Perished in a trap set in neighbor's yard. His Story

Brutus trapped in his own neighborhood. His story

McGee recovering after being trapped in his home neighborhood.

McGee was trapped near home. His Story
Gary Park and Nani Kula. Nani died in a Conibear-type trap set near Northern Nevada's Walker River. See their story

Luna was trapped in  Southern Nevada. Her story

Carol and Duke. Duke got trapped which started TrailSafe.

Beowulf Trapped on his own Private Property His Story

Trapper Jane recovering at Nevada Humane Society
Trapper Jane Trapped Near a School - Her Story
Gretchen and Gauge
Gretchen and Gauge. Gretchen was snared and almost died in a South Reno park. Their story

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Trailsafe Nevada is a Nevada grassroots citizen movement. We advocate protection and humane treatment for wildlife and companion animals.


Trap Registration Regulation Approved

SB364 mandates trappers to either place their name and address on each trap, snare or other device used on public land, or else to apply for a registration number from the NV Dept. of Wildlife (NDOW) and to place this number on each device.

The regulation spelling out how NDOW will enact this mandate was approved by the Legislative Commission August 30, 2018. Now the law is fully in effect. If you see any trapping devices on public land, check to see if they have the required identification. If not, they are in violation.

Thank you to all who sent emails, attended the hearing, and supported this long effort!

Warning Signs on Public Lands

Our law, SB364, passed July, 2017. One measure requires warning signs to be posted on public lands where trapping might occur. We are working on this and are much encouraged. The United States Forest Service is now finalizing notices which will be posted at kiosks and trailheads statewide in March, 2019. Many thanks to USFS from us at TrailSafe and from Nevada pets, hikers, and wildlife!


Our Trap Law Reform Bill Signed into Law

June 3, 2017, Governor Sandoval signed SB364. As amended, we now have mandatory trap registration/ID; legal protection for persons moving or disturbing traps that create an immediate risk to persons or companion animals; and a mandate for warning signs to be posted on public lands.

Abundant thanks to all who sent emails, testified and supported this effort.

Text of the Bill



Poll Supports TrailSafe - Majority of Nevadans object to trapping

A February, 2017 scientific, impartial poll of Nevada attitudes about trapping  conducted by Remington Research finds:

56% oppose use of traps on public lands
68% support ID on traps
77% support 24-hour trap checks
80% support warning signs
68% support being allowed to move a trap or device that poses risk.

These results are consistent in all four Congressional Districts!!


Bunny Huggers Radio Show!!

At last we have a show  for and about animal advocacy.

Bunny Huggers Radio show  now every Tuesday at 10:30 AM America Matters Media KCKQ AM 1180

Call in to join the conversation: Toll-Free Worldwide: 844.790.TALK (8255)

And we will need your sponsorship - large or small -  to continue!! info@trailsafe.org sponsorship info.

Podcasts From all the shows. Leading Animal Advocates!!!!!! Listen to wide-ranging conversations with hard-working, dedicated, compassionate leaders.



How to Open a Conibear(tm)-type trap!




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Your donation helps sponsor Bunny Huggers radio program

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Yes, commercial fur trapping is legal in Nevada. So is "recreational" trapping. TrailSafe Nevada and our allies got some laws passed over the last 11 years, but there is still so much to do until our wildlife and our pets and we are safe.Ultimately, commercial trapping on our public lands should be banned.

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Have you  experienced a trapped pet? Shock at finding trapped wildlife? Shock at seeing traps on the trail? Please share your story with TrailSafe so we can document. Just email info@trailsafe.org


501.100  Legislative declaration

Nevada Wildlife Law
"1. Wildlife in this State not domesticated and in its natural habitat is part of the natural resources
belonging to the people  of the State of Nevada."

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And I am my brother’s keeper,
And I will fight his fight;
And speak the word for beast and bird
Till the world shall set things right.

-Ella Wheeler Wilcox