Trapper John wet and hurting. Adopted by Mark Robison, now a handsome ginger tabby.

Skunk spent night like this then got shot in the head

Trapper Jane. Remarkable use of injured paw.

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Trap Incidents
Note: We have heard numerous stories, but people cannot always pinpoint the date. Therefore, incident dates are displayed only when confirmed. Apologies...these cases are not yet posted in chronological order, so just browse through.
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Approx. Date Incident
Various Numerous stories told to me over the years from hikers before I recorded details. NDOW game warden estimates about 100 dogs trapped annually. Trappers tell me they trap dogs "all the time" but usually claim none are injured.

March 17, 2010 Reno Gazette Journal article March 17, 2010, by Mark Robison: "Cat caught in leghold trap in Sparks park - Fernley man cited"
A cat was nearly drowned and suffered a leg injury, a skunk was cruelly trapped and later shot in the head, a raccoon may have been trapped as well. All this in a Sparks park where children and pets play. This is the clearest story to date of the need for banning traps in all Reno-Sparks congested areas. Also points out urgent need for trapper ID on all traps.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


News Release - Nevada Humane Society
For Immediate Release August 30, 2010

On Sunday, August 22, 2010, another cat was found in a leg-hold trap, this time in Golden Valley. Now named Trapper Jane, the two-year-old black and white domestic feline, was caught in a leg hold trap and picked up by a Washoe County Animal Services Officer. After being treated at a local veterinary clinic and finishing the five-day legal hold period for stray pets, she was transferred to Nevada Humane Society on August 29.

Her crushed toes were amputated Sunday morning at the NHS clinic and she will be under veterinarian care at NHS for the next month. Her recovery will require ongoing wound care and pain management, but she should in time be able to walk and become available for adoption.

Note: Trapper Jane recovered well from her injuries. Oct 8, 2010, I adopted her, which happy arrangement continues to this day.

April 2000 [from a personal email]Sunshine, a golden retriever,was caught in a coyote trap in Macks Canyon near Lee Canyon  in Mt. Charleston while I was mountain biking and I couldn't find her for 5  hours. By that time she had tried to bite the trap from her leg so much that she had to have 5 teeth surgically removed.

NDOW did nothing but send an officer up here  and tell me:
1) I had to return the  trap, but it was not  identified.
2) Tough luck- 200 feet from a road that really isn't a road (although it is county maintained, it is just a 4 mile dirt road that goes to nowhere- used for recreation in the mountains).
I made a stink about it and got coverage from 2 TV news stations.  So that was the end of that. I have no doubt that it hastened Sunshine's death later that year

Note: TrailSafe has DVD's of the two television stories on this case. Email if you want one!

Summer 2001 Coughlin Ranch area near residences, within city limits. Skunk caught in a leghold trap. Leg was broken; bad injury. Animal eventually ran away. NHS, Animal Control and NDOW personnel were on scene. NDOW said it was legal to set this trap in residential area.

A cat was trapped near Hunter Lake Elementary school.  Cat was taken to NHS veterinary clinic.[told to me personally]

[personal email] I live out towards Pyramid  Lake on 20 acres and  unfortunately lost a small dog to a coyote.  I was naive then but I have since taken  precautions and have chickens, lambs, mini pigs, and other animals without a problem.  I hear neighbors shooting  coyotes all the time and have seen large traps in the area.
It is very sad. Humane solutions are a must.

November 2008 Luna was trapped at the entrance to Mack's Canyon area in southern Nevada. Her owner achieved a settlement with the trapper and believes trapper ID should be reinstated. Luna licked all the blood away before this picture was taken; she lost a lot of blood, but did recover.

[personal email] ... I have seen pets get caught in these traps, as well as three legged wild animals here in Washoe Valley.  

[personal email] Please contact me regarding these traps. I also have experienced the same problem.[dog caught in trap]I also have photo’s of skinned coyotes left in a pile to rot !!!!!
These traps need to be banned in Nevada and I will help you any way I can.

[personal email] I live just outside Las Vegas, on the Kyle Canyon exit about 6 miles up the canyon.
About the middle of January while on a trail ride my dog was caught in a trap less than 4 feet off of a trail, with the help of a friend that I was riding with we managed to release her and after making sure she was ok we continued on and 5 minutes later she has another trap hit her face, and the blow has caused permanent damage to her eye. I reported the incident to the police and they put my in contact with fish and game, who basically told me that I was breaking the law by removing the trap.
I had no idea that trapping was legal in the area, as it is considered conservation area, and he was using a quad to place the traps which are illegal. I contacted the local news channel 13 who agreed to do a story on the traps which aired about 2 weeks later, the trapper agreed to remove his traps due to the bad press. And the neighbors dog on the same day as mine was caught in a trap while she was out jogging, they had to pay an $800 vet bill. I've lived in this area for 9 years and am horrified that they can trap so close to our homes and not notify anyone in the area, the laws need to be changed ...

March 2007 [personal email] What can I do. My 10 year old dog got caught a trap just a few weeks ago and it was on a well traveled dirt road! She is OK, thank goodness.

[personal email] I live in Antelope Valley and we're having similar problems in the north valleys with these terrible things.

I [have] 8x10 glossies of a nearby trap area after a coyote was trapped there. The animal might have spent the full 96 hours (legal) time (or longer) before our dear neighbor checked the trap, because the area is totally trashed: broken branches, bark stripped from trees, piles of needles, scarred ground.

[The] nearest trap is on the next door neighbor's land (absentee-neighbor) and we're waiting for her to return a signed letter giving us permission to post signs on her property and kick him off. Unfortunately, across the dirt road from our homes is a 320 acre BLM section where he will move his operation.

Let's get the hunters out of our neighborhoods and protect our children and all animals.

Click here for details of Antelope Valley trap area and the pictures mentioned above.

"Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission --
to be of service to them wherever they require it."

Saint Francis of Assisi (1182 - 1226)