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Trap Incidents -- Stories from people throughout Nevada -
Pets and Unintended Wildlife getting Trapped

Incident Reports Continued

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011 Posted on NDOW Website at 9:28 PM

Two years ago my dog was caught in a trap, within 80 ft of a trail, 300 ft of King Street in Carson City. I hiked from the house at 209 Sussex Place, across King St. and up a well used off road trail. A scent was near the trap and several reflective streamers. It ws a cold day in January with a lot of snow on the ground, the dog was in severe pain, while I attempted to release the trap. I called a friend who called animal control and 2 hours later a state or county official came to my rescue to release the trap. There was no name on the trap and it was in violation of trapping regulations, also the reflective lures and the bait at the trap were illegal. Trapping is a painful and slow death for animals caught,and does not discriminate, many pets are caught and die in these inhuman contraptions that do not serve any purpose other than to reward the trapper several hundred dollars, and a horrible torturous death to the animal. Myself and all I have spoken to after the event, cannot understand why any such devices are allowed in the State of Nevada or in any civilized society.
Robert Jones
209 Sussex Place, Carson City, NV 89703

Tuesday, November 08, 2011 9:17 AM

Hello my name is Charles Rahn I am a Nevada outdoorsman and hunter and I am writing to support new regulation to have traps checked every 24 hours and be placed far from residences. I have seen animals wasted in leg traps for weeks and stumbled across many traps that have been anchored directly on paths. At a time when sportsmen are seeing a sharp decrease in reverence as every NASCAR yahoo try’s to shoot something from the heated seat on his quad, it is important that all sportsmen take on the role of ambassador. The trapping practices surrounding pyramid lake have been despicable.

Thank you
Charles Rahn
775 636-2623

Told to TrailSafe in person on Saturday, April 22, 2012

I was out with my hunting dog, a Brittany Spaniel, January 2012. We were in the mountains west of Pleasant Valley. She was suddenly caught in a leghold trap by her front leg. I was able to open the trap myself. Along came a trapper and told me: "I didn't hear yelping. They're not my traps." He was carrying a gun which he pointed at me. This was intimidating to say the least, so I didn't ask him any questions. I did check with NDOW later and they told me the trap was legally set. So nothing was ever done. I strongly suspect the trapper was lying, but I was intimidated by his aiming his gun at me.

A few years before that encounter, my other dog, a golden retriever was caught by her front leg in the same area but further south, toward the highway bridge. I was able to open the trap. I called NDOW and was told the trap was legal and nothing was done.

Told to TrailSafe in person on Saturday, April 22, 2012

My wife and I were hiking in Spanish Springs, in Griffith Canyon, along the canyon floor, in early March, 2012. We entered the canyon at its NW end, just E of El Molino. After a bit, the trail forks. We took the right-hand fork which leads to the petroglyphs. There was a branch across the trail, blocking the trail so that we were forced to go around. Above this was a white flag. We investigated and found a large steel-jaw leghold trap, with teeth, concealed under the branch.

A bit further up the trail, I noticed a strange sensation on my ankle. My wife saw it was a snare and yelled for me to stop. I was able to remove the steel snare before being tripped and possibly injured on rocks or sharp brush, or breaking my ankle. I noted the snare was attached to a stake in the ground.

As I was not injured, I didn't call any authorities, but this experience leads to several questions: "They should post a sign. Animals can't read; it wouldn't keep animals away, but it would protect people." "What if a deer gets caught out of season?" "I was lucky to be wearing boots. What if somebody with tennis shoes got snared?"

Griffith Canyon is a popular local attraction where families and groups frequently hike to the petroglyphs.


I was hiking in Dog Valley about three years ago. I saw a bunch of traps. [Note: Dog Valley is a very popular recreation area.]

2nd person reports dog caught in South Reno live trap that led to conviction
Posted by MarkRobison at 4/17/2012 10:43 AM PDT on rgj.com

Upon seeing yesterday's story about David Fulton being convicted of placing a trap too close to a roadway -- an action that snared Jason and Amie Ruckmans' dog Gretchen -- Kim from Reno wrote to ask if that trap was the same as one that caught her dog on Jan. 5. She sent photos, one of which is at right. It is the same trap, based on the Ruckmans' photos, except that Fulton later added snares because, he told me, something kept tripping the trap but not getting caught.

Kim wrote:

Our Cain Terrier, Molly was caught in a live steel trap near the South Valley Sports Complex on January 5 this year. I wonder when Gretchen was caught in a trap and if the live steel trap was the same one Molly was caught in.

I thought the trap was set up by the park authority because of the label attached to the trap.

Fulton had added a notice saying the trap was "authorized." It wasn't. (He thought it was authorized because he purchased a trapping license.)

Told to TrailSafe in person on Saturday, June 30, 2012

My husband and I were chukar hunting near Gerlach a few years ago. One of our dogs got caught in a trap. We managed to free him, only to have him step in another trap nearby. This experience hastened the onset of arthritis in his legs. I called NDOW and told them traps need to be marked. They told me "Walk your dog on paved roads." So they expect us to hunt chukar on paved roads? This is not fair.

I think some men set some traps in Hidden Valley also a few years ago. I saw them going up the hills early in the morning.

Told to TrailSafe in person and by email March 7, 2013

I live off Deer Run in Carson City and was walking my dogs around the 23rd of Feb. back behind our house  on the BLM land, it was very slippery and muddy on the dirt roads so i was just walking off along the sides of the roads when I came upon a tree with a ball of foil. You see all kinds of human trash back there so I thought it was someone hanging some of it off a tree when all of a sudden I hear a loud "snap" and my dog yelp but luckily for me, he took off running. Later I heard I was lucky there was only "one" trap not two, This really concerns my husband and I cause I frequently hike behind our place, not only with my dogs but the neighbors' too. That trap wasn't far off any trail, not even a mile from Deer Run road. Trapping is so inhuman, how can people be OK with allowing anything to suffer in a trap. Let me know when you are going to address this and if I'm not working I'd be more than happy to join you.

Told to TrailSafe in person March 7, 2013

Our cattle dog was trapped in the Dayton Ranch area. He lay still and did not struggle so my husband was able to get him out.


"I hold that the more helpless a creature,
the more entitled it is to protection by man
from the cruelty of man."
- Gandhi