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Trap Incidents -- Stories from people throughout Nevada -
Pets and Unintended Wildlife getting Trapped

Incident Reports Continued

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Told to TrailSafe via email February 21, 2013

Subject: Trap set behind my house in Carson City, and it was legal!

I walked out the back gate of my house in Carson City NV. and up a dirt road, behind a rock a trapper had set a trap, with streamers and animal odor, my dogs front paw was caught in the trap in January 2011. I could not release the trap and the dog was howling in pain. I was lucky, it was 1pm on a weekday and eventually was able to contact animal control and state investigators, who were able to release the trap.

There was no name on the trap, this area is frequented by locals.

Trapping is a cruel practice, the animals die in pain over several days, just so that the trapper can make money on animal pelts. There is no positive result of allowing trapping.

Email February 21, 2013

I live near several forested areas and walk with friends and dogs in those areas. A year ago, we all took a hike up to the top of Steamboat Peak. We had 6 dogs with us and 2 kids. Half of our group walked over a trap without seeing it. Someone finally spotted it before a dog or a child was caught in it. That scared us all and brought about a discussion of a few times when friends and their dogs weren't as lucky and were caught in the traps. Stories of painful tragedies for both the dog and owner were detailed. It made me much more cautious about walking in the woods with my dog. This hike was not very far from houses or roads.

I hate the thought of a wild animal being caught in these traps and suffering up to 4 days before someone comes to check on the trap.

I would prefer that the traps be outlawed all together, but if a less extreme measure is called for at this time, please consider the following regulations. This is a time for more consideration and care between people and animals. I don't see why trapping is necessary for feeding or clothing people. As "sport", it is a heinous activity.

Reno Gazette Journal December 18, 2012

NDOW trying to find person trapping illegally in Thomas Creek area; captured bobcat released

The Nevada Department of Wildlife discovered several illegal traps near Thomas Creek southwest of Reno in early December, including one with a bobcat, which NDOW released.

Five game wardens rotated shifts to watch the traps for 130 hours, day and night, and the trapper never showed up. NDOW asks the public to help them find the trapper.
“We spend a lot of time and money to stop this kind of illegal activity, but there is no way to catch someone like this without waiting for him to show back up," Rob Buonamici, NDOW chief game warden, said in a statement. "We don’t have the resources to watch these traps indefinitely.”
NDOW said the traps were illegal because they were in an area where trapping was prohibited, one of the traps didn't have a spacer to limit damage to legs when animals step in traps and the trapper did not visit the traps within 96 hours as required by law.
They ask anyone who saw trapping in the Thomas Creek area over the past few weeks to call Operation Game Thief at 800-992-3030.
To learn more about NDOW, go to www.ndow.org.


Told in person 2012:The live fox was on top of the Hungry Valley Ridge just northeast of Spanish Springs, maybe only 10 feet off the trail that runs along the top. Note the blood on the fox's leg is from where he/she was trying to chew it off.

That is where many of us hike. How can anybody call this acceptable?

Also told in person:

The dead fox was in the Virginia Mountains (I think that's what the range is named) maybe 2 miles north of Spanish Springs Peak   We got there by going out Calle de la Plata east from the Pyramid Hwy. maybe 4 miles.


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