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Trap Incidents
Note: We have heard numerous stories, but people cannot always pinpoint the date. Therefore, incident dates are displayed only when confirmed.
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Approx. Date Incident

[told in person] My neighbor's dog got loose and went to another neighbor's yard. That neighbor complained. So my neighbor tried to confine the dog, but the dog got out a second time and went there again. This time the complaining neighbor had set 7 traps. The dog was gone for a day and the owner was frantic. Finally, they sent another dog to seek out the lost dog. She was found in one of the traps with her leg broken. We then sprang all the other traps.


[told in person] Although I hunt, I don't like traps and will smash them whenever I find them. This is because my dog was caught a few years ago. My children and I managed to free him by smashing the trap with rocks.

[told in person] A few years ago, in the Red Rock area north of Reno, my dog was caught in a steel jaw trap while we were riding horses. On another occasion, a neighbor was missing his dog. Eventually the dog came home, dragging a trap on its leg.
Coyotes will follow us when we are riding, but we know we can scare them away. We don't want traps out here.

[told in person] I live in rural Nevada, and have a flock of sheep. I was distressed to see coyotes attacking and killing my newborn lambs, and called Nevada Dept. of Wildlife for advice.
They told me they would come out and kill all the coyotes. I told them I absolutely didn't want the coyotes killed. But this was all NDOW had to offer.
So I researched on my own and found out that llamas will fight coyotes off. I purchased four llamas and keep them with my flock of sheep. I have had no further problems with coyotes.

[told in person] I frequently hunt for chukar. A few years ago I was hunting with 3 friends. We all had our hunting dogs with us. We were in a remote area. I suddenly heard my dog screaming. It took a while to find him; he was caught in a trap and pulling with all his strength to get free. While my friends and I were trying to free him, we heard another dog screaming. My friend's dog was also caught, in another trap in the area.
We eventually managed to free both dogs who were terrified and exhausted.
There are many of us hunters who do not want to deal with traps, and think they should be much more tightly regulated.

approx. 2005 [told in person] I was jogging, which I do frequently, at Rancho San Rafael. There was a very large trap set under a tree near the water. I narrowly escaped stepping in it. I told the park ranger who said traps were set there frequently. [Rancho San Rafael is a Washoe County owned property]

March 4, 2007
Letter to the Editor Reno
Gazette Journal
Traps aren't needed to protect humans

We live in a remote area. We have come across rattlesnakes, mountain lions, coyotes and bears. Give them their space and they have not harmed us. We do this without weapons. Do not run or turn your back on them.

If you don't know how to get your dog out of a steel trap, you will soon learn. We've had to do this twice in the Red Rock area.

The main thing I would like to say is these traps are inhumane and are not necessary to keep people safe from wild animals. Wild animals are afraid of humans and want to stay away. They need their space, too, like we need ours, and they shouldn't be killed in traps. This is not a good form of recreation.

Jan Key, Reno


"Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission --
to be of service to them wherever they require it."

Saint Francis of Assisi (1182 - 1226)