injured kitten

Las Vegas kitty. Caught in trap pictured below. Had to be euthanized.

nasty rat trap
Brutal rat trap.

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Trap Incidents -- Stories from people throughout Nevada - Pets and Unintended Wildlife getting Trapped

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Approx Date Incident
June 16, 2011 Jeannine Willis found an injured kitten in her Las Vegas area surburban garage the night of Wednesday, June 16, and took him to Green Valley Animal Hospital near Mountain Vista/Ramrod. He appeared to be a 2-3 mos. old male kitten with a "clamp" or "trap" stuck to his left front paw. The vet removed the trap, but but the paw was not only "dead" , but crawling with maggots, and needed to be amputated. The vet gave the kitten back to Jeannine.

But, Jeannine is allergic and could not keep him, so she contacted Karen Layne, Director of Las Vegas Valley Humane Society. LVVHS took him to Sunrise Veterinary Clinic where Dr. Henderson euthanized him at 5:00 p.m. June 17. The kitty had endured just too much. Karen now has the trap device and is asking around if anyone has ever seen anything like it. I certainly have not. Las Vegas Animal Control told Karen it's a mouse trap. But it's 5 inches by 2 inches long and Karen says: "It would be overkill" for a mouse or rat.

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Told in person:

I was hiking with friends in Pleasant Valley approx. 2 years ago. My dog Stella usually checks in with me every 90 seconds, but now she was missing. Two other dogs with us heard her whining and led us to her. She was under a tree and caught in a huge trap set in the roots -- probably a mountain lion trap.
She was caught by the back foot. I couldn't open the trap, so my friend called her husband who came with a car and a hacksaw.
We finally opened the trap. Stella was lucky as the vet told us later. Although all the hair was scraped off her ankle, no bones were broken.She limped for a few days after, now can run again. But the trauma will cause arthritis later in life.
My friend was furious. This was not far from a residential neighborhood. The traps (there were others) were covered with leaves and skunk scent. She wrote a Letter to the Editor warning the public.
"Keep your dog on a leash" is unrealistic. We all hike with our dogs.

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We have ten acres of rural property. Somebody put traps on our property and our neighbors' without permission. We have no way to find out who did this.

July, 2011 was told in person by staff of Animal Services: Trapped cats are common. Recently we had two incidents. The first was brought in by an officer.The cat was trapped by both back legs. The second was brought in by a good Samaritan in the neighborhood.

  Told in person, Sep. 10, 2011: We were riding horses on BLM land with a veterinarian. We came upon a dog in a trap. The veterinarian released it.
Letter to Wildlife Commission Sep. 20, 2011 Hi folks, I'd like this email placed in the record for the Wildlife Commission, I grew up in
California in the 60's when the trapping laws used to be what Nevada allows now.
They were changed decades ago.
I lost two dogs to traps in the area‐‐one of them obviously suffered horribly for a few days
before dying.
I'm trying to imagine what a person caught in the wilderness by a traditional old‐style bear
trap would have to endure.
We should be better and smart enough to figure out a better way to go about this.
Mike Smith

Letter to Wildlife Commission Sep. 20, 2011 Please enter this into the record.
I cannot believe we are still using these barbaric traps. These should be outlawed asap, and other means should be used. To create suffering, for any animal has not place in a civilized world. I know of someone whose precious family dog was caught in one of these, and lost his paw. It would be like burring [burying] land mines, and hoping only the enemy steps on them.
This is an unacceptable solution, and creates more problems than it solves. It is most cowardly to set a trap, hope the "intended" animal steps into, and then has to suffer, unless it mercifully dies, before a bullet is put in it.
Please let Nevada become part of the solution, and be good stewards of our lands.
Thank you.
Kat Simmons

Letter to Wildlife Commission Sep. 16, 2011

Dear Commissioners,
My name is Terri Levy and I have been a resident of Reno for 15 years. When I moved here from Mississippi I was expecting a place that was more advanced in it's policies and actions taken towards many things. Sometimes I have been quite impressed and other times I have been mortified, as in the case of the "snap" traps.
Unfortunately I have seen first hand what these traps can do to an innocent animal. I worked at the Animal Emergency Center in Reno for 5 years. There is one incident that will forever stick out in my memory:
We had a lady bring in her dog who had gotten caught in one of these horrific traps. He had gotten in to the neighbor's yard previously and to "teach" the dog not to do that, the neighbor set out 5 traps. Apparently the man didn't have to answer to anyone when doing this because he never would have gotten approval. The owners found the dog still in the trap (after the neighbor went to work),cut it off and sprung the other 4 that they found. The best guess was that the dog had been in the trap roughly 24 hours. It had an open fracture (bone sticking out of the skin) and had started chewing at it's leg trying to free itself. Because of the rust and dirt, infection had already set in. We had to amputate the leg and the dog spent several days on I.V. antibiotics to ward off a system wide infection that would have killed it.
The dog owners were in the wrong. They should have had control of their pet. But there were other ways this could have been handled. The man who set the trap also had horses. They were apparently in a different pasture at the time of the incident but what if someone had let them out? The parties mentioned above live in a populated area near the Harrah's Ranch off Neil Rd. What would our leaders have to say if a neighbor child had gotten caught in that trap?
These traps are barbaric and non-discriminating. If we can build a space station and design GPS systems then we can certainly find better ways to handle the situations where these traps are "so necessary".
Thank you for your time,
Terri Levy


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