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Trap Incidents -- Stories from people throughout Nevada - Pets and Unintended Wildlife getting Trapped

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Approx Date Incident
Oct. 15, 2011

[Told in person ] I live on East Calle de la Plata northeast of Reno, high on the hill.
Previously I have seen bacon hanging from a bush above a nearby canyon with a piece of red plastic tied to a bush nearby. So I suspected there might be traps hidden in the area.
Then, on Oct. 15, I saw a coyote on my property. He was dragging his front paw which was caught in a trap. I wanted something done to help this animal.
I called Animal Control but they said to call NV Dept. of Wildlife. So I called NDOW and was told they "had only two people" and it would take a week before they could get to me.
So then, on a neighbor's advice, I called a local trapper. But he was out of town guiding a hunt.
So then I called Washoe County and was referred to the Sheriff's Dept. I asked if it was legal for me to shoot the coyote; I just wanted to put it out of its misery. I was told someone would call me back.
By now the coyote had clanked away. Shortly thereafter, a Sheriff's Deputy came to my door. I think law enforcement was concerned that I mentioned discharging a firearm. It is a congested area where I live.
The Deputy was very helpful and hiked out with me to find the coyote.
We never found the coyote. Now I am afraid to let my dogs off leash because a wounded coyote could be a menace to my terrier.
I am frustrated that nobody in local government could do anything to help. At least the Deputy tried and was very considerate.
I cannot stand to think of an animal in pain.


[Told in person] My cat was caught by the lower body in a trap near our yard a few years ago. She was never the same since. She lost control of her bowels.

approx. one year ago

[Told in person] I knew five bobcats had recently been trapped nearby in Dixie Valley. I was hiking along a narrow ledge with my grandchildren. There was noplace to turn off the trail. Coming around a bend we saw a trap right on the trail. One grandchild almost stepped in it. Then we saw four or five more traps also along the trail.


[via email]Yes Trish you can use my story, Pepple's my Catahoula was first trapped in a leg trap and it took me around 10 minutes to figure out how to release it, and right after that she got into another one that hit her in the face as it closed. She had a cut over her eye and it actually hit her hard enough to damage her eye and she now has two different colored eyes from the trauma. I'm a Marshal for the courts here in Las Vegas and I actually got one of the news channels to come out and do a story on trapping, I believe it was channel 8, it aired later at night so I'm not sure how many people saw it. I found Fish and Game to be non supportive even though the trapper was using illegal means to travel to the areas where he was setting his traps, they even went so far as to inform me that I could be arrested for removing the trap that caught my dog. I've lived in the same area for over ten years, and ride my horses most every weekend, I never knew that you could trap in the Red Rock Conservation area, and have never seen anyone trap there before, and they certainly seemed more interested in chewing me out than citing him for illegally riding his quad on trails where motor vehicles are prohibited. I have heard many stories since mine, from people who hike in MT Charleston, whose dogs have been injured in traps, I'm still amazed that they are allowed to trap so close to trails where people and their pets travel. Keep up the good work.