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Below are some letters from our supporters.

Dear Members of the Wildlife Commission,
I am a resident of Reno who lives in Golden Valley; I also work for Washoe County inspecting local schools for health and safety problems.
I am writing to you as a citizen who has grave concerns about the enactment of the regulations limiting the use of body-gripping traps in the congested areas of Washoe and Clark Counties.
It is my understanding that the Nevada Wildlife Commission will give input regarding the procedure for writing trap regulations through selection of a working committee that will give input to NDOW (Nevada Department of Wildlife.)

I am, therefore, urging you, as a member of the Commission, to do the following:

1.) Support the writing and enactment of strong trap regulations in congested, incorporated areas of our communities.
This is only common sense in terms of public health and safety! I can’t help but wonder if Commission Members along with NDOW would face future liability if their failure to enact strong, protective legislation resulted in injury to a child or beloved family pet.

2.) Insist that members of TrailSafe and the Washoe and Clark County Coalition are appointed and adequately represented on any committee that is assigned the task of giving input on procedure to NDOW.
Failure to include this large group of concerned stake holders which has significant community support would be a dire mistake on the part of the Commission and could trigger significant public outrage.

3.) Demand that trap identification or registration be included in the written procedures associated with these regulations.
Even though the State Senate failed to pass this requirement, it is legitimate and possible to include this addition to the trap regulations. This requirement is obviously necessary to make the regulations enforceable and to make trappers accountable.

I understand that the Commission members will be voting on details of the make up of the committee to advise NDOW about writing the trap regulations at their September meeting in Reno. I look forward to hearing at that meeting that the Commission has taken a strong stand and made a wise decision to include TrailSafe and the Coalition members on the committee that will advise NDOW.

Judith Saum
(Her Address)

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Dear Members of the Wildlife Commission and the Washoe County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife

I strongly favor regulations against the use of body-gripping traps in the congested areas of Washoe and Clark Counties and in popular hunting spots. Trapping is a public safety issue that goes unregulated in the state of Nevada . Unlike buying a firearm, purchasing a trap is simple, inexpensive, with no background check nor educational requirement related to safety and use of the trap. In the congested areas of Washoe and Clark Counties you cannot shoot guns, so why should trappers be allowed to set traps? Furthermore, if a child or pet gets caught in a trap, there is no way to make the owner responsible for damages. Traps do not have any identifying information pertaining to ownership!

I do not understand why the Commission and Advisory Board Members are so protective of trappers’ rights ignoring the wishes and welfare of the general citizenry. Born and raised in Reno , I have always enjoyed hiking with my dogs. As I have aged, I would not be able to help my dog get out of a trap and would be devastated if something like that happened to him. I have also had many conversations with upland game hunters regarding the trapping issue. Those who have dogs highly oppose hidden traps which can injure their beloved hunting pets.

In closing, I hope that you will act responsibly and enact rules and regulations regarding trapping in Nevada .

Betty Dodson

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From: Billy Howard
To: sscourby@ndow.org
Cc: Trish Swain
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 1:10 AM
Subject: Trapping regulation workgroup must include local activists in Clark and Washoe.

Please send to Commissioners and enter into record of next Board of Wildlife Commissioners meeting.

Please understand that any Commission subcommittee or working group formed to thresh out new trapping regulations to remove the devices from congested areas of Washoe and Clark Counties must include the original petitioner, Trish Swain, and the existing working group in Clark County.

Billy Howard
Reno, NV

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Thank you for considering Nevada Trapping Regulations at the upcoming Sep. 23 meeting.
As you know, TrailSafe has pursued such regulation for over a year. Our concerns:
1. That TrailSafe and the Clark County coalition working with TrailSafe have every opportunity to participate in any working committee addressing the Congested Area trapping issue, and that we have input throughout the process. Ideally this would be through videoconferencing or Skype. Failing that, then we request telephone conferencing for these working meetings. The Clark County coalition will negotiate areas under consideration in Clark County; therefore they are integral to the process.
2. We hope any regulations adopted are meaningful and effective and truly protect the public from indiscriminate body-gripping traps. To do less would be effort for no purpose and would not fulfill the legislative mandate.
Thank you, Trish Swain

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