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Trap Incidents -- Stories from people throughout Nevada - Pets and Unintended Wildlife getting Trapped

Zeldara, the Warrior

Living, local proof!!!! Llamas are excellent protection against coyotes!! Non-lethal, natural and effective. All that and beautiful eyelashes.

09/17/11 Facebook Post from: Pieter Emery Holmes Tassel
As I turned on the sprinkler at 7:30am, I heard a new peacock sound & I saw a couple atop the barn. Then I learned this call means "COYOTE!" as a HUGE coyote ran down the lane with a peacock. The Llamas had been chasing him and ran up to me after the "wolf" darted across the road. Good work Zeldara, female warrior-protector of the Sprout Hollow Llama herd!

Well, when I moved here this year, [to his ranch, Sprout Hollow] I heard from the neighbors that a coyote had eaten one of the neighbors lambs in January. I have 2 pet goats and I immediately put them in the large dog kennel. I knew that in Oregon all the sheep ranchers have llamas to protect them so I decided I needed some to protect Nadina and Ryely and help to eat all the grass on 2 acres. Then I bought the Llamas from a herd in Oroville.

"She is pretty but when you are near her, she is just plain scarey and mean looking. She almost spit on me the second time I caught the baby but she is warming up a little bit. Someday we might become friends." . . . "she hates my dog because he is a canine and I had to save him a couple weeks ago when he got cornered by her and Auntie llama."