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Letter to Editor of Carson Appeal
March 16, 2007

My name is Sarah. I am only 13. I found the "Capital Snaps" about the bobcat being caught in a trap very disturbing. I showed many of my friends at school and they all found it as disturbing as I did, so I am taking some action.

When I got home from school I started calling around about the laws on trapping. I called the Governor's Mansion office, the state Division of Forestry, Bonnie Parnell's office, and assemblyman Clayborn's office. Every one I called told me to call a different office. They gave me the phone number. I called about two offices before I got some results by calling assemblyman Clayborn's office.

I found the laws on trapping very disturbing - trappers can go for 96 hours without checking their trap. The animals stay in the traps without food, water and shelter. Some animals even chew off their own limbs trying to get out of the traps. The people who catch the animals normally club them so it doesn't ruin their pelt. Trappers kill the bobcats just for their fur; it's not like the trappers are catching them to pet and kiss them.

I have been raised to love animals so when I saw this I became very angry. I have done more research on this than some adults would do. I strongly believe in this so I am going to have a protest on Sunday the 18th at the Legislature building from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you believe in my cause you'll show up to help me out.

Sarah Shadden
Carson City

We should be ashamed about trapping

I was very upset to see the picture of the bobcat caught in the trap. For the love of God, did anyone help that poor animal, or was it left there to suffer for days on end until someone finally killed it just to skin it? How sick is this world? The worst part, is that this legalized form of torture is happening in our own back yard! We should be ashamed.

Helen Bailey
Carson City