With Michelle Yazzi, Nevada Humane Society

All the cat skills

Desk Menace

Sadie on the prowl

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Trapper Jane's New Home - with Trish

I've been a dog person forever. But from the first pictures of Trapper Jane, (top left with Michelle at Nevada Humane Society) I sensed big lifestyle changes coming. Everybody who worked with TJ at NHS commented on her sweetness. Something came through in the picture; equal parts love muffin and pure mischief. She's a classic Jellicle cat.

She lost two toes on her left front paw. But see her playing ball (left): no problem. She jumps and climbs just fine. Below she roams my desk. She's about two years old, but still very much the kitten.

I told Bonney at NHS I would "just take a look" the day TJ was ready for adoption, Friday, Oct. 8, 2010. Well, nobody  "just takes a look" at a pet in a shelter. I signed the adoption papers within fifteen minutes.

Bonney and other experts at NHS patiently held my hand through buyer's remorse, fears, doubts and questions. It's a comfort to know one can return a pet to NHS any time.  I've got an  unpredictable Border Collie, and an odd house layout. I travel. Could I give this little baby-talk evoking lovebug purr machine what she needs?

It's working out so far, today being October 18. If we are undone, it will be the dog's fault.  How come TJ reminds me of my grandbaby while she reminds Sadie of a between-meal snack?