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Wild Neighbors

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Urban Interface problems increase as population and housing expand. We've all seen videos of coyotes or moose in backyard swimming pools and raccoons in the chimney. It's vital not to panic, but to consider humane solutions to these encounters. Prepare with knowledge.

Excellent resources:

Wild Neighbors: The Humane Approach to Living with Wildlife by John Hadidian published by the Humane Society Press. A comprehensive book with specific information on the many species who visit our backyards   such as coyotes and raccoons. . . everything from mice to bears. There are many solutions that do not involve cruelty or killing. Available at http://www.humanesociety.org/news/publications/humane_society_press/

Coyotes in Our Midst: Coexisting with an Adaptable and Resilient Carnivore published by Animal Protection Institute. Indiscriminate lethal control is not the answer. Click here for more information

Animal Sheltering Sept/Oct 2005 A Walk on the Wild Side: New Models for Humane Wildlife Control and Public Outreach Click here for more information

Project Coyote: Fostering Coexistence   All things coyote coexistence: scientific studies, news of innovative solutions, pictures. All state of the art urban interface progressive programs!!!

There is no cookie-cutter, one size fits all solution for every urban interface situation. But, as with every other facet of life, information gives us choices.

Check carefully any agency or company you call for help and make sure they will not kill the animal and will reunite mothers with their litters. Mend fences, keep food or garbage in secure containers, seal entrances to your home, and many confrontations will be avoided.

Wild Neighbors Humane Wildlife Services is a model business in Maryland.

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."
Immanuel Kant, (1724 - 1804) German Philosopher,Ethicist.