It comes in clusters. Systems you always depended on break down, usually all at once. Some weeks, even months are like that. Keep your perspective and remember it’s all cyclical. Who knows if you’ll be around to see the next cycle? Do you want to be? 17 days post El Paso and Dayton:

Breakdown Categories:

a. The Nation – Had to share these!

• Adolf Twitter
• Adolf Twitler
• Trumpanzee
• The art of the debt
• Cadet Bone Spurs.
• the mango ferret
• Mrs. Putin.
• 2-hour Trumpalog
• 2-hour yellabration
• [sign at London 060419 protest] Make Orwell Fiction Again
• [same protest]The Handmaid’s Tale is NOT an Instruction Manual.
• [Same protest] How Dare you Comb over Here?
• [same protest] depiction ofAlice’s Mad Tea Party with invasive Trump “Nobody Wanted You to Come”
• Welcome refugees, not Trump
• the gift that keeps on taking
• They call me Mr. Fibbs
• Hail to the Thief
• The jackass whisperer
• The Lyin’ King
• Wallegra for allergic reaction
• a medieval boondoggle
• border-lying personality disorder
• Lie-a-Thon
• Klan-paign rallies
• A Clodwork Orange

b. My physical system – soon to come – more than you ever wanted to know.

c. Environmental

d. Literacy and Civility

e. Corporate robot takeover – revenge of the machines