L-R Dylan Vaske, Bobby Vaske, Floki, Frankie, Brooklyn Vaske, Jessica Manners

There has been overwhelming response to the story of the family who freed the fox, then were threatened with fines and arrest for their act of kindness. The threats were delivered by Nevada Department of Wildlife due to pressure from the trappers. The story went viral and reached compassionate animal-loving hearts everywhere. Many want to donate toward the Vaske family’s defense.

To respond, along with our colleagues from Animal Protection Affiliates, we in Nevada established Nevada Trapping Victim Fund. The Fund will cover expenses for the family’s defense. Any funds left over, or contributed in future,  can be used for other victims of trapping – which could include veterinarian bills for injured pets, fines, etc.

We will  help people, and we will spotlight cases. After fifteen years of collecting trapping victim stories, the sad truth emerges – trappers fly under the radar – injuring pets and never compensating for veterinarian bills; disregarding laws and regulations; wielding undue influence on government agencies. This needs to be exposed!

Donations to the Fund are not tax deductible at this time. All gratitude for any donations!