The video below tells the tale.

TrailSafe Nevada began in 2007 when reports of dogs trapped in popular recreation areas hit the media. Concerned people connected via media and became a grassroots citizen network. Because commercial trapping on our public lands is so politically entrenched, we decided to tackle just one aspect of the problem: cruel leghold, snare and body-crushing traps set in public places and much too close to residential neighborhoods. Boundaries had to be established.

Hopefully the video hits the main points. It took us from 2007 – 2012 to get a bill passed. That bill left it to the Wildlife Commission to define areas closed to trapping. The result was miniscule: the protected areas were firearms restricted areas around Washoe County neighborhoods and a patchwork of Las Vegas locations. The vast remainder of the state remained unprotected.

But it was a start and we went on to better, but still unsatisfactory legislative victories.