Wildlife Killing Contest Talking Points

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Courtesy Project Coyote

Suggested Talking Points:

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  • Coyote populations have a rebound effect. The more killed, the more will be born. They have expanded their range despite efforts to cull their numbers.
  • It is not Fair Chase to use electronic calling devices, snares, and powerful guns to kill animals.
  • Children are exposed to violence and disrespect for animals.
  • These contests are giving Nevada’s hunting community and her residents a bad reputation.
  • As more states ban the contests, predator hunters are flocking to Nevada to enter killing contests.
  • More shooters on the loose pose danger to the public.
  • Randomly killing wild carnivores will not prevent conflicts with livestock and will not increase numbers of deer or other game for hunters.
  • Killing contests are not wildlife management.
  • Regulatory “solutions” or other compromises will perpetuate these unethical, cruel events and will then put the Dept. of Wildlife in the position of sanctioning and supervising them. Banning the contests is the only reasonable and effective solution.
  • Coyotes are essential to the ecosystem as rodent control and scavengers. 
  • The myth of the evil coyote is folklore believed by generations. An animal is not “evil” because it is a predator. For that matter, coyotes are omnivores, eating many foods in addition to meat.
  • Contrary to the myth of the evil coyote, the majority of the public admire the intelligence, agility, adaptability and iconic sound of the “Song Dog”.
  • Peaceful co-existence with coyotes can be achieved through simple precautions in suburban and rural locations
  • Both the Clark County Commission and the Reno City Council voted to ban these events.
Slain coyote being weighed after
a Washoe County killing contest.

And They Wonder Why We Object?

These are not the worst photos. But the shocking extent of the killing and the contempt for the animals is apparent. Sadly, elsewhere there are photos of little children with big guns, grinning beside piles of bleeding carcasses, and bloodier photos of even larger piles of bodies left to rot. This happens nationwide except where citizens unite to demand a ban.

Coyote Killers Lingo:

Necklace – A snare

Bracelet – A foothold trap

Moonbat – protestor, anti hunter, tree huggin’ granola crunching idiot

Pile – As in how many you have killed

Try this next time you are in a grocery store. Proudly say to the person next to you that you just shot a big coyote and you will probably get a congratulation. Now proclaim that you shot a nice dog – let me know how that works out for you.

Tornado – coyote you shoot and spins before dropping.

Tornado with thunder – same as above with barking, yipping, etc.

Final salute – Tail wiggle a coyote does as it dies

DRT – Dead right there

Fur Rocket – One you missed and is running full steam

Tea Kettle – When you shoot a coyote and it stiffens up and just tips over dead. With steam is when it howls or barks as it dies.

Two Pointer – a coyote that has white on its tail.

Double – Same person shoots two coyotes

Roadie – coyote spotted from the road, then shot

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