Raccoon Log 1

Raccoon Log 1

The Raccoon is the survivor, who lives alongside man as if to show him that he cannot truly conquer the land. Circa Summer 1972 Keeping a raccoon as a pet is highly controversial. Like the cat - who can be her own master, living by her wits, or maybe cozy up to you -...



I am not Catholic, but I say you don't have to be Catholic to love this Pope. He gives us an elegant, eloquent document that goes beyond mere"humane" or "ethical" or "right" to the universal in the widest sense. Every line is quotable. Please read and be inspired...

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My Aunt Grace 2015-2006

My Aunt Grace 2015-2006

This warm, direct, generous, caring soul was with us for 90 years. She played golf up until near the end and passed peacefully at home after an evening out for Chinese food with relatives. We had a small memorial for her in her New York apartment overlooking the East...

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