Hippo Skull Table at a Safari Club convention

Annoula Wylderich has been an animal advocate since 2008, campaigning for ALL animals. She is the founder of the Vegas-based grassroots organization, Animal Protection Affiliates. She has been Senior District Leader for HSUS, State Director for Animal Wellness Action, and board member of the NSPCA. She has been recognized for her advocacy by both the HSUS and PETA.

Elephant skin boot at SCI convention

In January 2022, Safari Club International will be holding their annual convention in Las Vegas. During their last two events, it was observed that there were violations of anti-trafficking laws, which are both a state and federal offense. Yet, no one has been held accountable thus far.  When these offenses were brought to the attention of various agencies, it seems no one was quite sure who should be doing the enforcing.

Perhaps it would be prudent for all levels of law enforcement, including U.S. Fish and Wildlife, the Nevada Department of Wildlife, the FBI, and local police departments to communicate with one another and collaborate to ensure that violations of this nature don’t continue and that those who do break the law are duly charged.  Laws are good deterrents, but useless if they aren’t enforced.

With so much of our iconic wildlife at risk due to habitat loss, poaching, canned hunting, trophy hunting, climate change, and illegal trade, it’s inherent upon us to do what we can to protect it for future generations to appreciate. Furthermore, there is an ecological balance that all species contribute towards. Upsetting that balance eventually impacts humans, as well.

Painting on elephant hide at SCI convention