Sunday, August 22, 2010

News Release – Nevada Humane Society

My Trapper Jane saved by NV Humane Society. Later I was lucky enough to adopt her. One hundred fifty good-hearted Reno souls were on the list to adopt her! Here she undergoes amputation of two toes.

On Sunday, August 22, 2010, another cat was found in a leg-hold trap, this time in Golden Valley. Now named Trapper Jane, the two-year-old black and white domestic feline, was caught in a leg hold trap and picked up by a Washoe County Animal Services Officer. After being treated at a local veterinary clinic and finishing the five-day legal hold period for stray pets, she was transferred to Nevada Humane Society on August 29.

Her crushed toes were amputated Sunday morning at the NHS clinic and she will be under veterinarian care at NHS for the next month. Her recovery will require ongoing wound care and pain management, but she should in time be able to walk and become available for adoption.

Trapper Jane fully recovered from her injuries. Oct 8, 2010, TrailSafe coordinator Trish Swain adopted her – a karmic love match which continues to this day.
Trapper Jane runs a tight ship here at the house.