Spring 2007  email: I live in Antelope Valley and we’re having similar problems in the north valleys with these terrible things. 

I [have] 8×10 glossies of a nearby trap area after a coyote was trapped there. The animal might have spent the full 96 hours (legal) time (or longer) before our dear neighbor checked the trap, because the area is totally trashed: broken branches, bark stripped from trees, piles of needles, scarred ground.

[The] nearest trap is on the next door neighbor’s land (absentee-neighbor) and we’re waiting for her to return a signed letter giving us permission to post signs on her property and kick him off. Unfortunately, across the dirt road from our homes is a 320 acre BLM section where he will move his operation. 

Let’s get the hunters out of our neighborhoods and protect our children and all animals.

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