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I was snared by the foot Jan. 19, 2014. I also saw three other snares right on the trail. And I saw three traps about 50 feet from a well-used local trail.
On Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014, I was walking with my son on a trail near the Bonneville Dam, along the Carson River. This is an unofficial recreational area near Gardnerville popular with fishermen, families, children and pets. In summer, folks swim there.The trail is well used and I hike there frequently. I was walking a few feet ahead of my son.
Luckily our dogs were not with us. I saw three snares placed directly on the trail. But I didn’t see a snare hidden under a nearby sagebrush, and I stepped into this wire snare. It tightened around my foot, halfway up my shoe.  It was intensely painful. Fortunately I didn’t take another step, or I would have fallen down. I cussed, then I figured out how to tighten the noose until I could work the clip and loosen the snare.
As far as I can tell, I did not sustain any lasting  injury. Besides these snares, I saw three traps about 50’ from the trail.
I do not object to trapping if it is reasonable. But this was unacceptable. I will call NV Dept. of Wildlife to show them where these traps are set and determine if they are legal or not. – Matt McCann [Mr. McCann had no lasting physical injury. But the shock and fear of an unexpected snaring is certainly traumatic.]

Snares can be almost invisible when set in brush. Illustration shows how to loosen .