March 27, 2013 email

We would like to share with you an event that happened to one of our dogs when we still lived in Nevada.
Our friend, Sandy Bucklew, lives near the end of Grandpa’s Road outside of Searchlight. We and our dogs were visiting with her there in the spring of 2005. Sandy and I had an overnight business trip and Dennis had agreed to stay at Sandy’s place to care for her animals. As Sandy and I were getting into the car to leave I was aware that I was only seeing two of our dogs rather than three. All three had been present earlier.
When we returned the next day we learned that Solly, the missing dog, had spent the day in a trap. Luckily for us all a family had spent the day in the desert and had come upon her just at sunset. Solly was gentle but big enough to be intimidating. The family cared enough to inquire at nearby places and found Sandy’s They then drove Dennis back to the site where Solly was so he could remove her paw from the trap. She had been there all day. The trap had no identification of ownership. Dennis pitched the trap into the shrubs. By the time we thought to look for it the next day, it had disappeared. Sandy had observed a man in the general area a little earlier.

Trailsafe notes that many Incidents include shadowy figures who appear at the scene but deny they are the trapper involved. I cannot find any Incident in which a trapper takes responsibility for damages