Natural Affinity for Animals:

We were worried about bringing our new baby into a house with a cat bigger than she was. Pendragon handled the situation without our help.

Quotes from our opposition:

“I hate wolves” – Member of Washoe County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife at a public meeting.

Coyotes are like cockroaches – heard at a recent Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners meeting. No further explanation was offered about what the two species have in common; whether this is a good or a bad thing, although we can safely assume it is not meant kindly. In fact, both species may well be around living in luxury long after we’re gone. It’s well known the cockroach is a master survivor and so is the coyote.

Heard at numerous wildlife meetings: Coyotes are evil because they attack and feed upon baby lambs as they are being born.


We see it all the time: animals grinning over their dead, roasting, BBQ’d bodies. Here are a few examples. The Saturday Night Live animation on this theme: “Cluckin’ Chicken” is pretty potent! Consider yourself warned if you choose to view it.

These are less disturbing unless you really think about it:

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