Told in person March 2, 2014


Leslie Bagley lives in the Dayton area with a few pets, including her 100-lb. part-pitbull, Brutus. In the evenings, Brutus will jump the fence to play in the neighborhood, a busy residential area. He usually plays for about 30 minutes, then comes right home. However, Feb. 23, 2014, Brutus was gone for an hour and a half. Then Leslie heard Brutus’ “little buddy” whining. She also heard an alarming noise which turned  out to be  clanking of a metal trap still attached to Brutus’ hind foot. This big dog was strong enough to pull out the spike that held the trap to the ground and so was able to drag himself home, trap and all.

Trap which injured Brutus

Luckily a friend was available to remove the trap. Apparently the rear toes were injured with open wounds. Bagley says: “Brutus was caught in a trap! This is the damage and the swelling after cleaning it up! Worried about that open wound because the trap is rusty! Expect it to look worse in the morning when it has had time to really swell! Thank God it was not a trap with teeth! Could have been much worse!”

Bagley continues: “What concerns me most is the fact that this trap was set where horses, dogs, kids and dirt bikes all play! If he set one he probably set more and who or what will be the next victim? Oh and I called the police who said call fish and game who said call the police!”An NDOW game warden did respond. After walking the back yard area, the warden concluded the trap was set legally, but no further evidence was found. He suggested Brutus might have been in the hills, but Bagley insists this dog goes no further than the neighborhood.

The following week was all about taking care of her injured dog: “He refuses to be away from me for even a second! I have had an revelation….sick boy dogs are as big of babies as sick boy humans! I can not move without Brutus stuck like glue! Poor baby is so sore! Think he’s feeling worse today! “It’s really hard to do anything when 100 pounds of muscle doesn’t want you to go anywhere… Poor baby? Poor me! Can’t do a damn thing and he thinks he should be allowed in my lap!

He’s a very sore very sad boy right now but he will be okay because he is a strong hearted baby.He refuses to be away from me for even a second!”

Feb. 25: “Brutus’ foot today! It is very swollen and very sore! Notice the way the toes are separated because of the swelling and how small his leg looks! My dog is still swollen and very sore. I fear his foot is broken but he is eating now and got excited over a treat so I think he’s feeling a little better! The next few days will be rough on us but we will get through them!

“Apparently this makes the fourth incident in two months that has been reported! How many others weren’t reported?” Bagley warns anybody in the Dayton area to be on the lookout for traps.