Reno Gazette Journal article March 17, 2010, by Mark Robison: “Cat caught in leghold trap in Sparks park – Fernley man cited”

This is actually a gorgeous ginger tabby! Soon to be named Trapper John and adopted by columnist Mark Robison.

A cat was nearly drowned and suffered a leg injury, a skunk was cruelly trapped and later shot in the head, a raccoon may have been trapped as well. All this in a Sparks park where children and pets play. This is the clearest story to date of the need for banning traps in all Reno-Sparks congested areas. Also points out urgent need for trapper ID on all traps.

Trapper John recovering

The little skunk endured a night of agony like this. Then NDOW personnel shot him in the head the next day because skunks are an “unprotected” species in Nevada.

This took place in a public park. Since there was no ID on the traps, Nevada Dept. of Wildlife (NDOW) wardens had to stake out the area. Eventually the trapper was found and cited, not because his traps endangered families recreating in the park, but because he illegally baited one of his traps. This Cottonwood Park episode provided a major argument for banning trapping in Washoe County congested areas.