Inspired by Mandelita del Barko of NPR:
Cece Mandelita del Meow| Mandelita Meow|

I think the rest of these are brilliant. My family – not so much. Mark Twain did a similar play on cat words which may have lodged in my memory at some point. I can’t help making fun of Cece because she can seem so hapless, but then I feel guilty and rush to pay tribute to her awesomeness:

Never wins, but never intimidated.

Cece Senorita| Cece Rider | Cece Goes Catatonic | Cece Reads a Catalog | Cece Visits the Catacombs | Cece Uses a Catacomb | Cece Gets Cataract Surgery | Cece Performs Cataract Surgery | Cece Outraces Secretaricat | Cece Sings a Cattata | Cece Mans the Catapult | Cece Tours Khatmandu | Cece kneels for Catechism | Cece Drinks a Catatonic | Cece Caterwauls |Cece Laughs at a Cattoon | Cece Swims at Catalina | Cece Herds Cattle | Cece Votes Democat | Cece Hits Her head on a Caterwaul | Cece Vacations in the Catskills | Cece Falls into a Catechasm | Cece Drives a Pink Catillac | Cece Sleeps 20 Years in the Catskills | Cece Rolls off a Catalog | Cece Goes on a Cattle Drive | Cece Does Her Cataract in the Theater | Cece Converts to Catolicism | Cece Climbs Over a Caterwaul | Cece Surfs Catalina | Cece Rushes to Catchup |

Halloween Glow in the Dark Eyes – but loves everybody. She was a worn-down runt on the streets rescued by Staci Baker, DVM, fostered by Tammy Boatwight, adopted years ago by me .