Oct. 15, 2011 told in person: I live on East Calle de la Plata northeast of Reno, high on the hill. 
Previously I have seen bacon hanging from a bush above a nearby canyon with a piece of red plastic tied to a bush nearby. So I suspected there might be traps hidden in the area.
Then, on Oct. 15, I saw a coyote on my property. He was dragging his front paw which was caught in a trap. I wanted something done to help this animal.
I called Animal Control but they said to call NV Dept. of Wildlife. So I called NDOW and was told they “had only two people” and it would take a week before they could get to me.
So then, on a neighbor’s advice, I called a local trapper. But he was out of town guiding a hunt.
So then I called Washoe County and was referred to the Sheriff’s Dept. I asked if it was legal for me to shoot the coyote; I just wanted to put it out of its misery. I was told someone would call me back. 
By now the coyote had clanked away. Shortly thereafter, a Sheriff’s Deputy came to my door. I think law enforcement was concerned that I mentioned discharging a firearm. It is a congested area where I live.
The Deputy was very helpful and hiked out with me to find the coyote.
We never found the coyote. Now I am afraid to let my dogs off leash because a wounded coyote could be a menace to my terrier.
I am frustrated that nobody in local government could do anything to help. At least the Deputy tried and was very considerate. I cannot stand to think of an animal in pain.

Coyotes are frequent trap victims. They have no protection under the law. Their official status is “unprotected”.