Personal Email Nov. 29, 2014

My dog just got caught in a leghold trap just outside of Silver Knolls, on Red Rock Road. Fortunately I was able to extract her with no serious injury. I contacted the Sheriff’s office and am waiting for a possible call back. If you have any other advice regarding steps I should take, please let me know.

This occurred on BLM open space, within 15 feet of a heavily travelled ATV / foot path, where dog walking is common. At least some of the traps that were set along this trail were well within the ½ mile “congested space buffer zone” within which Washoe County does not allow shooting or trapping. Additionally, the traps appeared to be baited with wool, which as I understand it is not allowed.

A warden did come out and examine the traps. He confirmed that at least some of them were placed within the congested area where they are not permitted, and in addition, the trapper was baiting them in a way that is not permitted. So the warden is going to keep checking and see if he can catch the person returning to check the traps, but of course this is a bit of a long shot. Too bad about no registration on the traps, it seems like such an obvious thing.. John D. Boone

Since passage of SB364, law now requires trapper ID or NDOW registration number on all traps set on public land. And the public has the right to disturb a trap that poses obvious risk.