Public Comment, March 2013

Please vote for this bill. – SB213 – Finding our registered show dog stuck in one of these barbaric traps after missing for more than 3 hours was heart wrenching. The trap was set less than a thousand feet from our house, on private property without permission, and less than 100 feet from a road/walking trail. We live on a ranch 15 miles from pavement with our nearest neighbor over a mile away. If other people living on this ranch can drive over 40 miles to work every day, trappers can easily visit their traps within 24 hours. This bill should have included a no trap zone of one mile from any residence without written permission from ALL occupants of such residence. The current trapping law in Nevada does not protect domestic pets lured into such an inhumain device.

Testimony like this helped pass SB213, but much remains to be done until trapping on our public lands is banned entirely