A group of us were hiking near the old White Horse Ranch about 2003 by Olinghouse, west of Wadsworth. There were 10-12 of us. One woman’s dog, a sturdy German Shepherd cross, got her paw stuck in a trap. It took two of us to get the trap off. The dog was hysterical with pain and fear, but was still able to walk. We went on and further up the trail found eight or nine clamp traps. There  were feathers hung near them, a signal the trapper was after bobcat. They were attached to rocks to hold them in place.

A hiker’s aluminum hiking pole got stuck in one and it was almost impossible to get it out. We also saw snare traps on this trail.

We saw more traps, clamped to the ground with rebar, on the west side of the slope.

Snare Trap. Takes experience or a sturdy bolt cutters
to deal with these.