September 2008 told in person: Our dog, Kali, a medium-sized, four-year-old Black Lab mix, was caught by the toe in a steel leg hold trap near Los Altos in Sparks, a popular hiking area.These trails are within city limits.

Kali’s owner could not open the trap, but the trap chain came loose, so she carried the dog and chain for 30-40 minutes before meeting a man who knew how to release the trap.

Kali’s toe bled, but healed eventually after the incident.

The owner called NV Dept. of Wildlife. The secretary told her the game warden was out, but the trap was legal because it was “25 feet from the trail.”

Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Chapter 503 states: “It is unlawful for any person, company or corporation to place or set any trap, snare or similar device used for the purpose of trapping mammals within 200 feet of any public  road or highway within this State. “