Jeannine Willis found an injured kitten in her Las Vegas area surburban garage the night of Wednesday, June 16, 2011 and took him to Green Valley Animal Hospital near Mountain Vista/Ramrod. He appeared to be a 2-3 mos. old male kitten with a “clamp” or “trap” stuck to his left front paw. The vet removed the trap, but but the paw was not only “dead” , but crawling with maggots, and needed to be amputated. The vet gave the kitten back to Jeannine.

But, Jeannine is allergic and could not keep him, so she contacted Karen Layne, Director of Las Vegas Valley Humane Society. LVVHS took him to Sunrise Veterinary Clinic where Dr. Henderson euthanized him at 5:00 p.m. June 17. The kitty had endured just too much. Karen now has the trap device. Las Vegas Animal Control told Karen it’s a mouse trap. But it’s 5 ½ inches by 2 ¾ inches long and Karen says: “It would be overkill” for a mouse or rat.