November 8, 2011 Email : I have been asked to send a detailed account of the time my dog was caught in a coyote/bobcat or something trap.

We were hiking on one of the OHV roads about mile or so from the end of Johnson Road.  The dog was off leash but mostly staying within 50 feet of the road, just running around sniffing and enjoying himself doggie style.

As we came over a rise, I heard a horrible yelping and screaming coming from the dog.  I ran to where he was, and saw he had his paw in a trap.  The trap was within 30 feet of the road, less than a mile from a subdivision of houses and was baited with a small white scented piece of rag.  I covered the dog with a coat and released him from the trap.  He limped for a week or so, but was OK.  On observing the area, I found four more traps, all baited, and all within 30 feet of the OHV road. 

The only excuse for putting traps in that location is pure laziness and complete lack of consideration for any other users of that land.

Good news! in 2019 most major fashion houses and several major retailers declared an end to fur. No coats, no trim, no fur at all.