Told in person by American Red Cross Dog First Aid Instructor, Peggy Rew


Nevada Humane Society volunteers Linda and Mark Scheffel took the dog class in October, 2010 and wanted to share this report:
Walking in the Sunrise Pass area, our dog, Lucy became ensnared in animal trap. But thanks to your Dog First Aid Class, we were able to successfully free her from the trap. She was very unhappy, but calmed down immediately with the Creative Muzzling Techniques we learned. 
We used my husband’s belt to muzzle her and were able to free her from the trap without a scratch. Thank Goodness! This experience alone is well worth the time and cost of the class.

Would you know what to if your dog gets caught in a leg trap? Simple, but effective creative muzzling techniques for your own pet will give you time to resolve the situation.

Your Northern Nevada ARC Chapter has offered classes since 2008 and is one of only a handful of chapters that offer them. Classes are ongoing, so contact Peggy Rew for information. 
Rew will travel to your group for classes or for demos at special events or programs. 
775.626.0982 or or