March 16, 2011 Email: My dog has been caught twice in snare traps along the Truckee River and recently caught in a beaver trap.

I realize trapping is legal but have a problem with Nature Conservancy promoting nature and privately allowing people to come on Conservancy property to exterminate the cottonwood eating beavers.

To me it is the hypocritical attitude that is a problem and not letting the public know traps are being used. My dog almost suffocated in the snares. I understand the person trapping did not have permission; however, my dog would have drowned had I not jumped in the river to remove the leg trap.

Labrador retrievers like water. I frankly do not like the trapping.

Regards, Mark Banks

SB364 became law July 1, 2017. One measure requires NDOW (Nevada Department of Wildlife) to work with land management agencies to post warning signs where traps may be set

You should see trap warning signs on similar kiosks Please notify when and where you see one.