McGee Recovering

Personal email: On January 17, 2011, our six month old puppy McGee slipped away from our yard and could not be found. Two days later, he was dumped over our fence. McGee was wearing a collar with our address and three phone numbers on it. The trapper who found him did not call any of those numbers to notify us of his critical condition. Dehydrated, frost bitten and barely able to walk on three legs, he probably would not have lived if he had not dragged himself up to the house where I happened to be that day. His front paw had obviously been caught in a leg hold trap so I rushed him to the vet where I was told he may not live. The vet who treated him said he treats many dogs that get caught in leg-hold traps. Most lose at least part of their foot. Fortunately our puppy responded to hospitalization, and $800 later we have him home again. We still do not know whether he will ever walk without a limp. This occurred in an area where lots of people bring their dogs and is a short way from our house. The vet said the trappers are only required to check their traps every four days and should be required to check them everyday or use radio signal traps. How many dogs could survive trapped for four days?