April, 2000: Sunshine, a golden retriever,was caught in a coyote trap in Macks Canyon near Lee Canyon  in Mt. Charleston while I was mountain biking and I couldn’t find her for 5  hours. By that time she had tried to bite the trap from her leg so much that she had to have 5 teeth surgically removed.

NDOW did nothing but send an officer up here  and tell me:

1) I had to return the  trap, but it was not  identified.

2) Tough luck- 200 feet from a road that really isn’t a road (although it is county maintained, it is just a 4 mile dirt road that goes to nowhere- used for recreation in the mountains).

I made a stink about it and got coverage from 2 TV news stations.  So that was the end of that. I have no doubt that it hastened Sunshine’s death later that year – Stephanie Myers

Stephanie Meyers