Told in Person February 16,2015
Back right leg of our dog, “Tank.” It shows pretty clearly the marking left by the trap he was caught in.

Tank’s injured leg

My husband and I live in the country above Dayton Valley and have three dogs. We have always been in the custom (and still do), of letting our dogs out each day – one, by one. The dogs usually just snoop around our property, marking their ‘territories,’ and then come home.

One day about two years ago, we had let “Tank” out as usual. But, for some reason, this time when we let him out, he didn’t come right back [why he went exploring or chasing something up in the hills is still beyond me. He usually doesn’t go far to explore like his mother does]. 

We waited patiently, but no dog. I cried and cried, but after the first day he was gone, I became so worried he was either caught by a mountain lion or even a coyote. It didn’t even occur to me of his being caught in a trap………..

When the second day went by I still couldn’t stop crying. I was sooooooooo worried. I kept looking out the front window in the hopes of seeing him – to no avail.

Then, just before dusk, exactly 48 hours when we’d last seen him, I looked out the window for the 100th time (or so it seemed), and I had to take a second look as there was “Tank!” He came home and wasn’t putting any weight on his back rear leg. I cannot tell you how thankful my husband and I were. I thought for sure we’d seen the last of him…………………

By the look of the wound on his leg, I assumed it was from a trap. He could never have gotten out of that trap unless the trapper had humanely let him go. There’s no other explanation.

I feel strongly there are traps still being placed up in the valley below the Virginia Range for possible coyotes but have no proof as I’ve never seen one in person
.- Bonnie Matton