Public Comment, March 2013

Traps are placed close to homes,animal suffer for days.My dog was caught in a trap,within 1/4 mile of my residence in a housing estate in Carson City.I was lucky to find my dog, who was in pain in the snow, and I could not release the trap.Over 4 hours later a friend managed to contact a ranger who could release the trap.This was on a weekday at 1pm, on a weekend or after hours this would not have been possible.

Please support SB 213 and pass rules that protect wild animals and human companions enjoying the Nevada wilderness.
I searched for 2 hours to discover my dog in a leg trap on a snow covered hill a 1/4 mile from my residence at 209 Sussex Place, Carson City. I walked out my back gate to a jeep trail on King St. at Longview. Behind a rock at the top of the hill, clearly seen from my backyard, a leg trap was set and baited with a putrid smell and streamers, that sparkled in the wind, to attract animals. The dog was in pain and I could not release the trap.
Needless suffering of animals by trappers for money, who give no consideration to the pain and anguish of beautiful creatures.

[Thanks to testimony like this, SB213 was enacted July, 2013