November 2011 email: This past Tuesday a group of eight senior hikers were exploring Wilson Canyon. Wilson Canyon is east of Smith Valley headed toward Yerington. The highway’s south side of the recreation area is renowned for rock hounding so people traverse all areas of the canyon. One of the hikers almost stumbled into a steel jaw leghold trap hidden behind a rock about 600 ft. from a nice new trailhead that was cut in the “park”.

Families use this recreational area and even more will take advantage now that the land management has taken an interest in developing Wilson Canyon and building trails. This trap finding deeply disturbed all in the group. It’s even more disturbing to discover the laws that protect the trapper. This is what lead to finding your site.

What may we do to assist?

I appreciate your efforts and I’m in agreement with the need for safer regulations. Indiscriminate use of traps is akin to navigating landmines. Our government supports freely placing injurious devices nature-loving people must risk. WOW. This isn’t the 1800’s. You know, Trish, it appears very few people are aware of the trap laws. I sure wasn’t, nor were any in our group. I have to believe when more become aware the noise will get loud enough for regulations to be updated to today’s need.

Thank you for the attention you’re bringing to Nevadans.

Trappers mourn for
the 19 Century.