March 7, 2013 told in person

I live off Deer Run in Carson City and was walking my dogs around the 23rd of Feb. back behind our house  on the BLM land, it was very slippery and muddy on the dirt roads so i was just walking off along the sides of the roads when I came upon a tree with a ball of foil. You see all kinds of human trash back there so I thought it was someone hanging some of it off a tree when all of a sudden I hear a loud “snap” and my dog yelp but luckily for me, he took off running. Later I heard I was lucky there was only “one” trap not two, This really concerns my husband and I cause I frequently hike behind our place, not only with my dogs but the neighbors’ too. That trap wasn’t far off any trail, not even a mile from Deer Run road. Trapping is so inhuman, how can people be OK with allowing anything to suffer in a trap. Let me know when you are going to address this and if I’m not working I’d be more than happy to join you.