Letter to Wildlife Commission:  I am a life long Nevadan and I lived on a ranch in Smith, Nevada. Some coyotes killed several of our sheep and my father-in-law hired a trapper to come in and trap the coyotes. Problem was, those traps killed way more than the coyotes, and I will never forget that trapper coming out to empty those traps, and talking about the other animals that stepped in them. I could not believe I was hearing those horror stories.

I cannot believe that these laws have not changed in all this time. The trappers need to check their traps at every 24 hours minimum, and if not,they should be punished. Each trap needs to have ID as well, to trace it back to its owner. If you have to have license to own a gun, trappers should be accountable for the deaths they are creating on public lands.

The horror that these animals have to endure is beyond what I can fathom, to let them suffer in them, is cruelty of the worst kind. Torturing anything is immoral and a disgrace. I would like to ask you to do the right thing here and update these regulations for the countless, voiceless creatures, that cannot speak for themselves. To lay dieing, in pain for days has nothing to do with good stewardship, and everything to do with a disgrace. Please help Nevada set a higher standard for trapping.

Thank you for your attention in this matter and it really needs attention.

Kat SimmonsGardnerville, NV

Trappers will say they “love” animals. They mean their dogs, alone among all the species.