My dog recently stepped in a trap while we were out hiking in the desert less than one-half mile from my house. The trap was set in an area bordering a road frequently traveled by equestrians,  while their dogs run off leash.  Unfortunately,  the trap he stepped in, and the trap next to it, did not have any identification on them.  I find this absolutely unacceptable.  First that someone would set traps so close to residences, and then that I am unable to hold the person accountable.

Trap registration allows Department of Wildlife Game Wardens to do their jobs. How can trap law be enforced unless violators can be identified?

In 2013, SB213 passed and became NRS 503.452. Trappers are required to register traps,  as it should be, and as it should remain.

Assigned numbers on traps protect public safety and assist law enforcement.

Please make my comments part of the public record,  as I am unable to attend the legislative session tomorrow.

Thank you for your consideration. Debbie Tayler, April 6, 2015