Wednesday, November 09, 2011 Exhibit Posted on NDOW Website

Two years ago my dog was caught in a trap, within 80 ft of a trail, 300 ft of King Street in Carson City. I hiked from the house at 209 Sussex Place, across King St. and up a well used off road trail. A scent was near the trap and several reflective streamers. It ws a cold day in January with a lot of snow on the ground, the dog was in severe pain, while I attempted to release the trap. I called a friend who called animal control and 2 hours later a state or county official came to my rescue to release the trap. There was no name on the trap and it was in violation of trapping regulations, also the reflective lures and the bait at the trap were illegal. Trapping is a painful and slow death for animals caught,and does not discriminate, many pets are caught and die in these inhuman contraptions that do not serve any purpose other than to reward the trapper several hundred dollars, and a horrible torturous death to the animal. Myself and all I have spoken to after the event, cannot understand why any such devices are allowed in the State of Nevada or in any civilized society.
Robert Jones