Reno Gazette Journal Letter to the Editor Dec. 5, 2011

I wish to address the use of leg-hold traps used on public lands near housing developments.

This past Sunday, my dog was caught in one in an area where we walk frequently close to home. In trying to remove the trap, my husband was bit quite badly. In this same area several other people’s dogs have also been caught in these traps, one losing its leg as a consequence.

These traps should not be allowed in high-use areas. Many individuals use this particular area for hiking, horseback riding and walking their dogs. I find the use of them extremely inhumane, leaving an animal trapped for up to four days before they have to check them.

Please, if you feel the need to hunt this way, make sure you place them in an area far enough away where someone’s poor dog won’t be caught in it.

Janice Fadda, Reno