Dec. 1, 2011 Email: I had gotten in touch with Wildlife a few weeks ago when we came upon a bobcat stuck in a trap.  They explained the law, and it was about 96 hours before the bobcat was removed.

The next time out, we had one dog caught in a new trap, not far from where the bobcat was.  Two days later another dog got caught in another trap.  Then this morning, two of our dogs got caught in separate traps not more than 20 feet off the road, and not too far apart.  A person drove up while my husband was getting one dog out of the trap, and said they weren’t his.  My husband said he was going to call Wildlife and the person left the area.  When my husband called me to get the name of the warden I talked to, the person returned and started removing the traps, he did not see my husband.

My husband will be going up to the location with the warden this afternoon.  The warden said the traps have to be at least 200 feet off “any” road, that includes power line roads.  He will also be giving the warden a picture of the vehicle and license plate.

You can put the story on your website and add me to your email. Let me know how to make a donation to your organization.  I would like to help stop this

Since passage of SB364, law now requires trapper ID or NDOW registration number on all traps set on public land. And the public has the right to disturb a trap that poses obvious risk.